01.06.24 Long time no hear! An update about this site.

Hello everybody!

I wanted to give you an update on the situation with the site and our engagement.

Last year, we tried to make a cosplay picture set of on of our characters with a cosplayer who offered commissions. Sadly, after working on it for while, she/her manager just stopped communicating with me. (They had already shot the pictures and just needed to finish some post-production on them, after a while i simply got a full refund for my payment. I still dont know why it had to be this way…)

After that, I wasnt really motivated on working on other projects or engaging with this community for a while. Since Vampbuddy also didnt have enough time or motivation, you didnt hear anything from me or him.

For the future though, we planned 2 new projects (A Comic and another game), where we seriously want to focus working on them again, so there will be new stuff from us at some point.

I hope when the time comes, you will still be excited about new content from us. Till then!


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