We are happy to welcome you to this new site!

For starters you can buy my two games i made with the incredible artist “Yana”and use the Forums to discuss the products and post content, but there will be more content comingin the future!

I build this place with a good friend of mine, and we plan to commission and release even more of the content you should have a “thirst” for if you landed here.

We are still not entirely certain about the future of this site, but you can help shaping it and turning it into a great experience.!

For now, our intentions are to sell the content i commissioned to some of my favorite artists, you will see artists that are pretty well known in the vampire scene, but also some you might not know yet. There are maybe even plans for vampire-porn Clips, or sexy vampire cosplays. We do not intend to fully replace the closed “VampYou”, but there are already other people working on doing that. Anyways, the more content, the better, right?

I will also post reviews of my favorite vampires in media, be it in movies, music videos, or even adult games! The review section is currently under construction, but will hopefully return soon!

So feel free to check out the content and browse through our updates.