11.06.2022 Release of our newest game, “Caludras Castle”. Leave your thoughts on it here!

Hello everybody!

We are happy to bring you the newest addition in our game series, “Caludra’s Castle”. Hopefully you will enjoy this one as you did with the others.

To give everyone a sight into what we have planned for future projects, I can tell you that there are more ideas for games that will break away from the usual formula, f.e. with multiple artists or maybe even a gacha game hosted on this site. Of course there are also at least 2 more games planned with familiar structure, including one really big project, which will be a big conclusion, drawing together past plot points in a coherent whole.

For now, please enjoy everything we have to offer, and leave you opinion and comments on “Caludra’s Castle” under this post.


16 thoughts on “11.06.2022 Release of our newest game, “Caludras Castle”. Leave your thoughts on it here!

  1. Gah… Ok, 39/39 art, but i only have 15/20 endings… Cannot find out what to do with the mirror, i think the clue i’m missing is when i threw the levers and unlocked the door, it said it sounded like something fell somewhere… But after an hour of checking and rechecking every room, every outdoor, going to town, etc, cannot find what to do with the mirror.

    1. You mean the purple mirror at the very end? For me the only options are smash it and don’t smash it, leads to happy end and bad end respectively. I think you have to pick up wooden stake to smash it.

    2. Theirs two new chest in basement area with 2 new keys, I’ve got 34 of 39 art, and 19 of 20 endings , can’t figure out the kas6 one, think it mat have ti di with first night when Claudra visit Luna in her room possibly, haven’t tried yet

  2. btw I too got stumped (at 38/39 art and 17/20 endings) so I went digging thru game files and this is the list of all endings from what I’ve seen:


    Early Cleaning: Found the maid in the sitting room before dinner.
    Early Escape: Tried to flee the castle on the first night.
    Early Harem: Visited the brides’ harem room on the first night.
    Hungry Brides: Found two brides in the kitchen after leaving Luna.
    Angry Maid: Found the maid in the stair room after leaving Luna.
    Grave Butler: Found the butler in the courtyard after leaving Luna.
    Clean Bridal: Found the maid with a bride in the harem room.
    Twin Bats: Found two brides flying outside when alone.
    Poor Reflection: Caught by the butler by the foyer mirror alone.
    Luna’s Embrace: Trusted Luna in the library.
    Marina’s Embrace: Trusted Marina in the basement study.
    Maid’s Stare: Found the yummy maid in the upper right hall.
    Butler’s Patrol: Found the winged butler in the dining room.
    Bride’s Bath: Found the brides about to bathe in their harem room.
    Doctor’s Flight: Confronted by Danielle when trying to leave.
    Luna’s Return: Found Luna in the courtyard right before the end.
    Marina’s Return: Found Marina on her balcony right before the end.
    Happy End: Staked the mirror and defeated the vampires.
    True End: Joined Caludra’s harem.
    Side End: Escaped… to Luna and Marina’s vampiric clutches.

    1. Maybe you can sell your game on e-junkie, or more. Although I really want to support your game, I regret that I can’t pay normally in your store. Also, maybe the vampires in the castle are more convincing, but it’s also good to combine vampires with ancient rituals or science

      1. Hey qiufei,
        first of all thanks for your wish to support us, and I’m sad to hear that you cant find a way to buy the games. By my knowledge, e-junkie has the same payment options as gumroad, therefore I dont think that would bring any benefit. In the future, we want to promote/sell our products on more sites, and ultimately impliment a in-site store on here with a lot of different payment options, but for now we are happy as it is with our external store on gumroad. What is your problem exactly with that site? Maybe try to work things out with their customer support? Otherwise, if you really want to get your hands on the games, send us a mail to info@vamplovers-thirst.com, and we can work things out.

  3. Thank you. I’ve already used my mailbox 1292609905@qq.com I’ve contacted you. I don’t know if you will receive it, because the information sent by this mailbox is sometimes treated as spam. If I can’t receive it, I will try to create another mailbox to contact you

  4. It is still a “FUN” project, so we didn’t have as much time last year. However, we would like to discuss the future of other projects this year and will share a new news update on this topic in the next few days. Are you interested in new projects?

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