06.04.2022 News about our next game!

Hello everybody!

Like I told you in our last update, we were working on another game, and its finally time to show it to you!

“Vampire Origins: Caludra’s Castle” will be the next game in our lineup, with a setting in a far past, where a group of Witchhunters come face to face with a foe they are unfamiliar with. Additionally, the title may give you a hint on which story havily influenced the game this time.

Contrary to our last game, where we tried for once to work on the game mostly ourselves, Yana is solely working on this one again, which means everybody can look forward to a high-quality product.

The release is planned for sometime in June, and until then, I will give you some more teasers from time to time.

For now, check out the main protagonist Helena and the title card.

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