06.04.2022 News about our next game!

Hello everybody!

Like I told you in our last update, we were working on another game, and its finally time to show it to you!

“Vampire Origins: Caludra’s Castle” will be the next game in our lineup, with a setting in a far past, where a group of Witchhunters come face to face with a foe they are unfamiliar with. Additionally, the title may give you a hint on which story havily influenced the game this time.

Contrary to our last game, where we tried for once to work on the game mostly ourselves, Yana is solely working on this one again, which means everybody can look forward to a high-quality product.

The release is planned for sometime in June, and until then, I will give you some more teasers from time to time.

For now, check out the main protagonist Helena and the title card.


4 thoughts on “06.04.2022 News about our next game!

  1. This game looks to be just as repetitive as the Vampyou ones.

    I know the same artist does them all, but it ends up being the same game over and over, same art, same characters, same clothes, maybe a different face on the same body, if you’re lucky. Same plot, run around and rooms collect coins or candy or whatever, same artbooks.

    Any plans to engage a different artist or maybe finance a game with a different plot? Maybe a Male MC for a change, maybe a new plot or more detailed game?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the vampire and transformation genre, but it seems you are right back into the thing that killed Vampyou… The same game endlessly repackaged and resold with the same characters and a mild variation on the plot time 57 games.

    A nice corruption theme, working your way through friends or family, instead of just intro, run bite/trans/bite/trans/bite/trans.

    Anyway, just my $.02

    1. I kinda agree that if theme is “vampiric corruption” and the same author creates art/writes dialogues and story then after ~50 times it may get a bit repetitive… But for me at least it’s still enjoyable and better than nothing. I mean “vampire corruption RPGmaker game” is literally a niche within a niche, I’m just grateful there is anyone doing anything here. It’s great that Yeaka is still in business at all after VY disappeared. And I’m not sure It closed cuz games were deemed to be repetitive… No idea how it was with subscriptions but I remember that forums were getting the most activity on months where update came with a game (and on Halloween) XD

  2. Hello and thanks for your concern!

    Indeed, this game is similar to the other ones we have done, and they are all by the same artist. As for now, this is the easiest way for us to make vampire (game) content for our audience. As our artist doesnt like to draw male characters, theres no way to have any scenes including males for now. Therefore we focus on making the story engaging and fun, so that each game feels different and fresh. If our intentions didnt reach you, we are sorry.

    We have plans and ideas for different types of games in the future, including what would be a massive project with different artist and a male protagonist. There are other plans aswell, like giving this site a visual overhaul as we are not quite satisfied with it yet, and other projects like comics, other game ideas, vampire photoshoots and others!

    But the two things holding us back are mostly money and time! As we work on this site and its content on the side as a hobby, its hard keeping up with al´l the aspiration and goals we set for ourselves.

    We hope that when the time comes, we can also satisfy your thirst for vampire content one day.

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