27.10.2021 Another Fangtastic Halloween!

It’s now official! Our next game is a sequel to the first game released, “A Fangtatstic Halloween”. The story happens two years after the events of the first game, and is deeply tied to it. Play as Madison, who, with her friends, visits the Mansion, where a group of girls went missing. Try to solve what happened there on that Halloween night exactly two years ago, but beware, because it seems that the Vampires have planned for the girls to come here.

This game will be way more fleshed out than the first game, with alot of content and artwork for you to explore and enjoy.

Because we dont want to release our game to close to a very similar themed game on Beyondthecoven.com, titled “Trick or Tramps”, scheduled to release on October 29th, and we want to polish the game before you can all enjoy it, the new release date is now the 13th of November.

I hope everybody can wait a bit longer! For now, you can see what the main character, Madison, looks like, and next week you will get some teaser pictures for her friends, so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “27.10.2021 Another Fangtastic Halloween!

  1. Trick or tramp exe corrupted or something over on beyond the coven, ive downloaded sevral times, different browsers, and when extraction exe to get game on pc, it fails to extract when it hits scene3.ogg every f…img time

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