2 thoughts on “24.09.2021 New Game in the works!

  1. I have a question, a few actually, if it ain’t too much of a problem.
    1. A month passed and Halloween is looming ever closer so i thought i would ask – do you think you can release it as you hoped?
    2. I remember reading on twitter that you planned to make a discord for refugees from closed Vampyou, did anything come out of it? Asking cause i couldn’t find it
    3. I enjoyed your last game so I am curious how long will this one be?
    4. Is there some way to contact Yana/Yeaka for game commissions? I remember Yana had website in the past but i think it disappeared some time ago. So with Vampyou gone as well i was wondering if there is any way to get in contact. I’ve been thinking about commissioning a small vampire game.

  2. Hey, here are some answers for you:
    1. Thats a good question. We maybe could get it finished for our planned release at the 31., but as there is another (Halloween themed) game by Yana coming out on the 29.10. by Beyondthecoven, we decided to postpone our release for 1-2 weeks. It makes more sense sell-wise, and we would have more time to perfect the game, so we decided on that. That means everyone will need to wait longer for this game, but in the meantime, you could enjoy the game by Beyondthecoven. (You can find a link to their site on the “Links” section)
    2. Yeah, theres an active discord server running. I posted a link on twitter, but that could get lost in the timeline. Thanks for the reminder, I will add a link for the discord server on the “Links” section for everybody still interested to join.
    3. This one is about the size of the previous game, “The Vampires Dungeon”. As this one is not combat, but more dialogue focused, it probably even has a longer playtime, depending on how much time you take to read and search everything. More infos on the new game coming tomorrow!
    4. Yes, there is! I know of the website you are speaking of, she once told me she doesnt operate/have it anymore. I will ask her first before giving away her email, but if shes ok with it, i will write you an e-mail to the address you used to write your post with the contact information.

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