Sandy e Junior S2 EP21: Quem tem medo de vampiro (Who’s afraid of a vampire)

In this episode of a brazilian show, thats mainly about the namegiving siblings, their musical career and teenage high-school life, the male protagonist, junior, gets fascinated by vampire comics. At the start of the episode, he gets bitten by a vampire lady in his room, which leads to him turning into a vampire himself, biting and turning more classmates and his femlae teacher. His last victim never gets shown as a vampire, but his first two even get their own bites on victims. In the end it turns out it was all just a dream of his…

For female vampires, you have the unnamed vampire lady biting him at the start, and one female calssmate and his female teacher.


The mysterious vampire lady

The classmate

The teacher

Score: If you are a fan of bites, and seeing how people look before and after the transformation, this one is pretty good. Its just sad you never get to see the girl he seduced for half the episode and bites at the end as a vampire. 7/10