Streetsboro Theatre – Fangs

This is an original song by the theatre group of the Streetsboro Highschool, with the help of the vocalist Brittany Klarich. Klarich is responsible for the vocals and plays the main Vampire, the school senior Amanda Maxwell plays the other main female vampire role in this music video. Theres also a male protagonist who later on gets bitten and turned by Amanda, and throughout the video, the rest of the theatre group plays vampires dancing in the background.

As for the story of the video, Amanda got bitten by Brittany in the past, and now haunts the male protagonist, who seems to be a grieving lover, as a vampire. He later also gets bitten and turned. Other than that, alot of dancing and performing.


Brittany Klarich

Amanda Maxwell

Score: The two females play their roles pretty well, and i like the costumes. Its also nice to see them as “before and after” in the video, thats always a plus. Audio is also nice. Just the other actors feel a bit dull. 8/10