Stan Helsing (2009)

The summary from IMDb: A spoof on many horror movie series. Ending his shift at the video rental, Stan’s picked up by his BFF and 2 cute girls, all going to a Halloween party. Will they even get there?

The Vampires in this movie are the 3 brides of Dracula, and they work as strippers. In the movie they try to seduce the protagonist with a pole dances and later with some seductive sweettalk. They are played by Denise Poole, Holly Eglington and Ildiko Ferenczi. Because they are strippers, they are depicted really sexy and seductively, and are wearing more of a “fallen angel” costume rather than traditional vampire outfits.


Denise Poole

Holly Eglington

Ildiko Ferenczi

The 3 brides together

Score: Even though theres no real vampire action in this one, no biting or anything that doesnt make them look like they are just some sexy girls in skimpy clothes with fangs, i still cant deny that its done pretty good and with alot of sexappeal. If you like the looks you have to watch all their scenes: 8/10