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A lukewarm summer wind blows through my long dark brown hair. A beautiful day is awaiting me. Just thinking about Tim, a strong man, black hair, blue eyes, a perfect body, to melt away. Today we will go out, we  will meet in a cocktail bar, so I should make myself pretty. He invited me to go to his place afterwards, that means it will surely be another exciting night. Tim has promised me a very special surprise..... I can hardly wait. What will it be this time? A massage? A new experiment? Maybe a special "toy"?

I'm getting dressed up today. I usually dont, but tonight is different. Heavy make-up, extra curly hair. A look in my closet and im certain, today i will wear that sexy black dress. Deep neckline, short cut, tight-fitting, so that my waist is highlighted. I know he loves that. And the last part of tonights outfit, my favorite high heels.


I arrive at the cocktail bar. Tim only gave me an address, no name. I get out of the cab and look around. Cocktail bar "Bloodlust". Im a little bit confused by that wierd name, wondering what will await me here.

I don't have much time to think, Tim just arrives a second later, as if he waited for me in the shadows.... as ever. His black hair styled very slick, a tight-fitting shirt, red pants. His nice ass just does it for me. As i was almost drooling over him, i would have been willing to go to his place right away.

He greets me with an intense kiss. Tingling runs through me, his hand touches my butt. He quietly whispers in my ear: "This will be your hottest night! At midnight you belong to me." At the same time he nibbles me gently on the neck. Goosebumps run through me, a short pain, a cold shiver, I cant wait for midnight.

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